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Friday 22 November St Michael's Community Hall

By Adam Jones


fascinating eye watering witness account of

Captain Scott‘s doomed Terra Nova

expedition to the South Pole was shot by

photographer Herbert Ponting. His

remarkable eye for composition gives the

film some truly breathtaking scenes: the

Antarctic seems to be an icy wonderland,

as beautiful as it is treacherous.

Ponting’s film footage shows Scott

and his team preparing for the long

walk to the Pole. In addition, while at

the base-camp, Ponting had the

foresight to film ‘mock ups’ of the final

journey, which included Scott, Edward

Wilson, ‘Taff’ Evans and Henry Bowers

manhauling the sledge, cooking and

sleeping in their tent, just as they were to do ‘for real’ on the way to and from

the Pole, accompanied by Lawrence


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