Upper North Street overview

Photo:The Windmill public house

The Windmill public house

Tony Bailey

Photo:Montpelier Terrace

Montpelier Terrace

Tony Bailey

Photo:View to St Mary Magdalen

View to St Mary Magdalen

Sam Romilly

By Tony Bailey

Upper North Street has several attractive houses including a listed terrace with fluted Ionic pilasters.

The Windmill public house, built in 1828, is named after Vines Mill which was sited at the top of the hill to the north.

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Great to see Upper North Street 'on the map'. It is a street full of interest. I have started a project to research the history of our house which is No 86. The first problem is a change of numbering at some time. I need to get to the study centre to examine maps of the street to try to pinpoint that change. I have transcribed the original deeds of our neighbour's house No88 which was interesting. Unfortunately, we do not have our original deeds but we have a copy of the Last Will and Testament of the original owner of No 86, Mr Thomas Cordwell. He owned many properties in Upper North Street and surrounding roads and in Kemp Town. He had shares in the West Pier and the Lewes Water Company. He left his property in trust on his death in and in 1929 his neice Miss R H Cresswell took title of the property. Well, that's as far as I have researched so far but this wonderful website has revived my interest in the project. The trouble is there is so much interesting information that I tend to become sidetracked easily. I have also talked to my neighbour, Mr Ben Sims about life since the late 50's when the street had many antique shops, now mostly gone. Ben ran an antique shop in what is now the tailors 'Buddy's' formerly 'Codgers'. I will polish that up a bit and submit it if it would be of interest. We have made many lovely friends since moving here 7 years ago. Many people stop and admire our front garden as they go past to the shops or the station. We are always very interested to talk about the plants and share cuttings and seeds so do stop and chat. If anyone has any information to share about the road and its past or any particularly interesting inhabitants, I should be very interested to hear. On a more current note, my husband, Richard Brown, is the street rep and would be happy to help in neighbourhood matters. He is on the Committee of CMPCA. This site is now added to my favourites and I shall be contacting friends and neighbours to ask them to come online and share their experiences and information. This site could become a really wonderful resource. Thank you all for setting it up! I am aware that some of this comment should be on other pages. Please edit it and relocate it as you see fit. Thank you.

By Jacqualyn Brown
On 07/05/2010

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