Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors - Brighton Festival 2009

by Bob Young

Shakespeare's Globe was born out of a touring company culture. In May 2009, as part of the Brighton Festival, travelling players from the Globe alighted in the Rest Garden for a week and put on five open air performances of Shakespeare's shortest and funniest play, The Comedy of Errors.

If you take one pair of aristocratic twins (who have not seen one another since childhood), provide each with a servant (the servants also being twins) and mix everything together you have the makings of glorious chaos. If, as in this production, two actors play all four twins - with only occasional help from cardboard cut-outs - the confusion is increased. In fact there were only eight actors in the whole company and between them they took all the parts and played the music as well, so the fun was multiplied over and over again.

This was all performed on a temporary stage, against a background of sunlit trees, with contented audiences sitting on the grass eating picnics, sipping wine, and enjoying the twists and turns of the plot. There were moments of special magic - a masked actor suddenly appearing at the back of the audience for instance - and much else to enjoy besides.

We are delighted that the Globe Company is returning to the Rest Garden this year, 2010, to play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Photo:Antipholus of Ephesus greets Dromio of Syracuse - or is it the other way around?

Antipholus of Ephesus greets Dromio of Syracuse - or is it the other way around?

Photo:Sun dappled audience wrapped up warmly

Sun dappled audience wrapped up warmly

Photo:Typical street scene, Syracuse

Typical street scene, Syracuse

Photo:Twin balloons

Twin balloons

photos by Bob Young

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