The making of George (film)

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Brian Clark

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Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The making of George (film)' page

Sunday 4th July £8 (£6) SN

When award-winning playwright Brian Clark created a theatre company of older actors in Brighton to devise and perform a play about ageing, they came up with a great plot – and some colourful characters: two mistresses, a sex-club manager, a bigoted maiden-aunt - and the man who has controlled all their lives, the charismatic George. But what the audience sees on stage is only half the story. It’s what goes on in real life that makes for real drama. Half way through rehearsals, the leading actress leaves the cast under tragic circumstances. A second flounces off stage just before opening night. Others find themselves digging deep within their own true-life stories – which turn out to be more poignant, disturbing and transformative than anything a playwright could dream up. This 70 minute fully featured documentary takes us behind the scenes - to bring the real story of the making of George to the big screen. ‘I love long and intriguing stories . . . I liked your film very much’ Joan Bakewell.

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