Isabel Ashdown A coming-of-age story

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Sunday 11 July 2pm £7 (£5)

Described by the Observer as ‘a wonderful debut – intelligent, understated and sensitive’, Isabel Ashdown’s first novel, Glasshopper, is set at various locations along the South coast – Brighton, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth - and spans the constrained gentility of the 1950s, the free-spirited hedonism of the 1960s and the dysfunctional domestic life of Ashdown’s central family as they disintegrate in the 1980s. Focusing on thirteen year-old Jake, this captivating novel is at once troubling, funny and joyous, as the author carefully delineates character and landscape while carefully exposing family secrets. Ashdown will both talk abut and read from this subtle and satisfying novel.

Myriad Editions is an independent publisher based in Brighton and Hove. Founded in 1993, the company quickly won recognition for its award-winning State of the World Atlas series, before expanding to develop an innovative and exciting fiction list. Fiction Editor Vicky Blunden will launch an afternoon devoted to two Myriad Edition authors.

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