Robert Dickinson A dystopian Brighton

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Sunday 11 July 4pm £7 (£5)

Poet Robert Dickinson’s first novel, The Noise of Strangers, is set in Brighton at some point in a not too distant future. His city is both immediately recognisable and deeply disturbing, ruled by a sinister combination of patronage and brute force. The chattering classes continue to chatter, but they are terrified by a sprawling underclass who control the outer limits. Here is a dystopian future – but one which could be all too possible. ‘I wanted the novel to have provincial quality,’ Dickinson explains, ‘the action would not take place in the capital, the fate of the nation would not be at stake. Many of the characters feel trapped. And Brighton – particularly in this version of it – is small enough to feel claustrophobic and large enough to contain different social groups. And it helped that I lived there.’ Dickinson will be talking about and reading from this stark and sinister novel which may be about all our tomorrows!

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