Proposed BT boxes

By John Riddington

BT applied for planning permission to put up 1.6m high boxes on pavements at six locations in the area.  Many of the local residents object to having these new boxes as they believe that they will be visually very obtrusive, will obstruct the pavement and will attract graffiti.  The boxes are intended to take fibre optic connections related to the provision of faster broadband connections.  The CMPCA submitted the following comment for each of these planning applications: 

"Before coming to any decision regarding this planning application the CMPCA requests that the council seeks independent technical advice as to the necessity for the box and whether an alternative less visually objectionable solution is available, such as situating a box underground. Should above ground boxes be required then the council should insist that they are as small as possible and be located in the most sympathetic locations available, such as against the flank walls of buildings." 

The six planning applications have now been decided:

  1. Outside 72 Upper North Street - Refused
  2. Outside 110 Upper North Street - Refused
  3. Outside 7 Clifton Hill - Approved
  4. Outside 19 Montpelier Place - Approved
  5. Outside Heather Court, Montpelier Terrrace - Approved
  6. Outside 4 Montpelier Terrace - Withdrawn

In view on BT's failure to get all the boxes approved it seems likely that further applications will be forthcoming.  BT has now reapplied to have a box outside 72 Upper North Street.

This page was added on 14/08/2010.

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