Traffic Hotspots and Speeding

By Philippa Sankey

Residents have raised safety concerns about the Montpelier Road and Montpelier Place junction with Cllr Jason Kitcat. Len Holloway, Accident Investigation & Prevention, Road Safety, Hove Town Hall writes: “I have checked the collision record for this junction for the previous three years and found that it is surprisingly quite good. There have been only two recorded minor injury causing collisions in this period, which, for a junction this busy is remarkably good, however, I am sure you will understand that because of this good record we cannot commit to spending any of our very limited budget here. We are at present only prioritising junctions or places with ten or more injury causing [collisions]within the same period."

Re speeding vehicles, Hove Police Station, Road Policing Unit reports: “The area does not lend itself to speed enforcement, owing to the road layout. The stats don't show this junction to be a major problem, however I know that stats don't tell the full picture. Local residents will always be able to give a truer account.   We will continue to monitor the locality and conduct enforcement where able to. Please continue to work with residents to reassure them and keep me in the loop." 

Councillor Jason Kitcat writes "It has become clear in talking to residents and the Police that there are far more collisions than records show. To make the case for changes in the area we need an accurate picture of what is happening. Please don't assume someone else will report a collision, speeding or anti-social driving. Call it in to the Police on 0845 607 0999 and request a reference number for your report, this ensures it is noted."

Another accident hotspot of concern to residents is the Clifton Hill / Denmark Terrace / Montpelier Crescent / Windlesham Terrace junction.   Please post your comments on road and traffic safety issues in the area using the link below.

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Safety concerns about the Montpelier Road and Montpelier Place junction - There seems to be a very short delay in the light sequence at this junction, so that cars that jump the lights are still crossing after the lights change, dangerous especially for cyclists.

By Martin Walker
On 14/12/2010

The Montpelier Road and Montpelier Place junction are not safe due to poor roads planing of the local council. Thet should allocate more funds to improve the road infrastructure. Posted by

By Philip Jones
On 09/05/2011

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