Mitre House

Being converted into a hotel

By John Riddington

A planning application was submitted to add an extra floor to the rear of Mitre House on Western Road and to convert it into a hotel.  The CMPCA's street representive for Spring Street, Steve Pavey, consulted with many of the local residents and discovered that the great majority objected to the proposal.  The prime reason for this is not the extra floor being added to the block, but the proposed change of use.  They were concerned that having a hotel would change the nature of the area from residential and daytime to 24hr commercial resulting in increases in noise, disturbance and problems with traffic. As a consequence of this the CMPCA sent a comment letter to the Council regarding this application.

The Council approved the application, but imposed access restrictions that to some extent address the residents' concerns. When completed the building should be more attractive from the rear than at present as it will be covered in white render.

A new application was then submitted (BH2010/03122) that altered the original design, so as to adversely affect Spring Street and the views to the sea from Clifton Terrace and Clifton Place, but had little affect on Hampton Place. This application was approved in August 2011.

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