The Rev. Robert Fennell's Academy at The Temple

By Steve Myall

In an unpublished manuscript ‘The Palmers of Montpelier Road’ Eric Underwood quotes a letter dated March 14th 1837 from Edmund Palmer to his mother. Edmund, the grandson of John Palmer of Bath, was a pupil at the Rev. Fennell’s Academy. He was just approaching his twelfth birthday, and he wrote:

‘In my studies I am reading the fourteenth section of Sallust and the third Aeneid of Virgil; in Greek I am reading the first Delectus and the Testament, and in grammar I am at anomalous verbs. In English I learn Geography, History and Johnson’s Dictionary and in French I am reading Tresor and Gil Blas. I have nearly finished the map of southern Greece’.

He then goes on to bemoan the fact that they have not been to the Chain Pier for a fortnight or three weeks.

His grandfather, John Palmer of Bath, was the originator of the system of Royal Mail coaches for the British postal network. He became Comptroller General of the Post Office, and MP for Bath. He died in Brighton in 1818.

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