Colin Spencer : From Microliths to Microwaves

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Sunday 17 July 4pm ST NICHOLAS CHURCH

By Adam Jones

: Making a stimulating cuisine Colin Spencer’s recently published From Microliths to Microwaves is a study of the food of these islands from the earliest beginnings (8000BC), tracing the first indigenous ingredients: a diet high in shellfish and the tough green brassicas which thrive on salt winds. It continues to trace the development of our cuisine, explaining why there exists a need to create gastronomy, food as the most fleeting of art forms. In his talk, Spencer discusses why the sea perhaps plays the most significant part in our food history as island kingdoms exist by trading, exploration and colonisation, bringing back to these shores the exotic, the strange and the mysterious and making them our own. Unlike continental Europe with its artificial borders that are easily crossed, where national characteristics are entrenched and fears exist of pollution by neighbours, sea-girt countries are eager to steal other people’s ideas and traditions and then make them their own. This makes for a stimulating cuisine that offers the tastes of the world in its cities.

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