Sing-along HMS Pinafore

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Friday 6 July 7.30pm

By Adam Jones

 Friday 6 July 7.30pm £8 (£6) SNn  Sing-along HMS Pinafore

Things are seldom what they seem’. . .

however, our traditional G&S singalong

is exactly what it always has

been - an evening of fun for everyone.

Come and join ‘dear little Buttercup’,

Captain Corcoran, Josephine, Ralph

and Sir Joseph Porter on the deck of

HMS Pinafore (actually St Nicholas Church). You, as the audience will

be sisters, cousins, aunts and doughty British tars, put through your

vocal paces as usual by Anthony Hawgood.

Friday 6 July 7.30pm £8 (£6) SNn

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