Seven Dials Proposal

Photo:Seven Dials from the south

Seven Dials from the south

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Seven Dials Proposal' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Seven Dials Proposal' page

Update 18th April

By Adam Jones

Seven Dials Update 17th March The proposals presented at the open meeting on 17 December were approved by the Transport Committee on 15 January, and works were due to start on Monday 4 March. However work is currently suspended while the proposed felling of the elm tree in Vernon Terrace is re-considered. Download the attached letter, which has been sent to residents, showing details of the works and road closures scheduled to take place until mid December. For more info see .

See background articles in CMPCAnews 28 and CMPCAnews 29.   Here are the Transport Planners’ proposals for improving the Seven Dials: close up viewandwider view and (these, together with the display boards are available at where the questionnaire can be filled in online). The consultation period ends on Friday 2 November and the last consultation meeting takes place from 3-8pm on Tuesday 30 October on the corner of Dyke Road South.   At the specially arranged Seven Dials consultation meeting on Monday 15 October at St Michael’s Church, the transport planners explained that it was a road safety driven project (to cost £550,000) triggered by the number of accidents at the Dials over the last 5 years: 41 accidents with 44 casualties, 18 involving cyclists. Only 5 involved pedestrians – quite a low figure – and the rest were vehicle to vehicle collisions.   In response to questions on the closing Vernon Terrace northbound option (still listed as a Key Design Principle on the Display Boards), the transport planners confirmed that:

they had not modelled how much of the displaced traffic would go up Upper North Street, Clifton Hill, Windlesham Avenue etc, nor were they concerned where displaced traffic went – ‘strategic’ traffic (eg non-residents such as Western Road shoppers and heavy lorries serving them would be ‘signed up Grand Avenue’, but it would be up to residents (who would only have one exit northbound, Dyke Road) ‘to choose which route to take’ which many present thought would be down our narrow residential streets; nor was it proposed to trial any of the proposed changes; questionnaires returned to date showed a 70:30 split against the one way option;

  On the proposal to narrow routes, entering and leaving the dials, to one lane, residents expressed concerns about the congestion that would result – especially if no traffic could access the Dials from Vernon Terrace – causing long tailbacks (eg down Dyke Road), pollution and frustrated drivers.   There was some discussion about the proposed removal of the railings, the enlarging of the roundabout and the fact that it would be only slightly raised (so that it could be driven over by articulated lorries making tight turns in the single lane that would be operating around the roundabout). This, taken with the planners stated encouragement of pedestrians to cross the Dials using the roundabout, gave rise to pedestrian safety concerns, particularly given that pavements (such as round Sevendials restaurant) were not to be enlarged as much as first thought. This particular pavement was regularly crowded with BHASVIC and BHHS students at peak times.   Plans to make the Dials more attractive with planters etc were also discussed and suggestions made to upgrade the proposed courtesy crossings in Bath Street to zebra crossings.   WHATEVER YOU DO, MAKE SURE THAT YOU COMPLETE THAT QUESTIONNAIRE! Work has now started and chaos reigns.

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