Vernon Terrace

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More Greenwich Village than Ambridge

By Lynne Shields

Vernon Terrace was built 10 years after Montpelier Crescent and is nowhere near as grand as its  famous neighbour  - but the residents of Vernon Terrace are blessed with a wonderful view of the Crescent "where Regency architecture ended and Victorian architecture began" (Professor Robson).

During the 70s this side of the road was a favourite with students and the buildings suffered the fate of most short let abodes, very obviously unloved and uncared for.

During the intervening years this fine row has enjoyed something of a renaissance. Being close to the railway station, the Seven Dials, Western Road and the sea, many young professionals have found this area attractive, have moved in, renovated individual properties and consequently improved the appearance of the whole Terrace.

I have lived here for 28 years and cannot imagine living anywhere else. There is still a village feel to the Dials but more Greenwich Village than Ambridge!


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