The early years

Photo:view towards the Temple

view towards the Temple

The 1840s - 1860s

By Carolyn Sansbury


Powis Square was built before Powis Road, so in the 1840s and 1850s – when building work was going on -  there would have been an open view at the bottom of the square, looking towards the Temple, open countryside and the sea, as this view shows.

Like other developments at the time, the façades in the square were built before there were any houses behind them – in the 1851 census, only seven houses seem to have been built, and although the houses all have the same curving exteriors, the interior layouts were, and still are, all quite different.

Who lived here in the early years?

The houses in Powis Road were built in the 1860s, and were big even for large Victorian families, and – perhaps for this reason – by 1880/90, four of them were being run as lodging houses.

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