Listed Buildings

By Tony Bailey

Where a building is listed, formal ‘listed building consent’ is required from the council for any works that would affect it’s special character. These works can include demolition, alterations or extensions to the building including works to the building’s interior.  It is a criminal offence to carry out such works without first obtaining this consent. The listing of a building implies that it will be preserved as far as possible and there is a strong presumption against demolition. Alterations are not ruled out, but the listing will ensure that the special architectural or historic interest of the building is taken into account when an application is made.

The city council is not responsible for allocating listed building status. This is within the remit of the governement Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

However, the council provides comprehensive information on:

   Listed buildings in Brighton

   Constraints on interior alterations

This page was added on 13/04/2010.

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