Parking - doctors' 24 hr parking spaces

By John Riddington

When the new parking zone system was introduced in 2007, the general view was that for residents in the new zone Y the situation had improved, whilst in zone Z the situation was significantly worse at nights and during weekends.  The CMPCA conducted surveys and took up the issue with the council and managed to get them to introduce changes that produced in the order of 30 additional overnight parking spaces in zone Z. The changes included changing lengths of double yellow line to either parking space or single yellow line, changing some voucher only spaces to shared use spaces, changing the double yellow lines on the east side of Montpelier Villas to a single yellow line and applying a 9am to 6pm limit to many of the disabled spaces close to Western Road, thus allowing non disabled drivers to use the spaces outside these hours.

One issue remained to be resolved in both zones Y and Z, and that is the 24 hr doctors' parking spaces.  With doctors now rarely doing out-of-hours work it seems unreasonable that they should have 24 hr spaces. The CMPCA took up this issue with the Council and as a result the Council reviewed the requirements and changes have been introduced.

This page was added on 27/04/2010.

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